In my first blog on printers I recommended getting a Laser Printer rather than an Ink Jet. There are circumstances when you have to go with an Ink Jet. If you are printing brochures or pictures using glossy paper Ink Jet is your only choice. Your brochures need the vivid colors and absorption properties of ink over toner.


There are two types of high yield Ink Jet printers to choose from.

  1. Those using regular Ink Jet Cartridges.
  2. Ink Tank Ink Jet Printers.

High yield Ink Jet Printers are expensive: $200 – $500. Don’t let the initial price be the major consideration.  Like Lasers, the lower cost of inks makes the overall cost of these machines much lower than the printers that are less expensive up front.


The first type uses regular looking ink cartridges, like the Canon Maxify printers or many of the Epson WorkForce series.  The advantage to these printers is that the inks are easy and clean to change. You will get 1,000 – 4,000 per cartridge for a cost of $25 – $50.


There is a new player in town called the tank printer. You buy the inks in squeeze bottles. You just pour these  into the tanks on the side or front of the printer.  Examples are the Canon MegaTank  refillable printers and the Epson Expression EcoTank printers.According to the manufactures one bottle of ink will do 4,000 – 11,0000 prints for about $20 – $26.


The bad part is that if  you aren’t careful using the bottles when filling the tanks, it can be messy. The pro to the tank printers is that the inks are inexpensive and extremely high yield.

The caveat is that if you buy a high yield printer, you should be planning on doing a lot of printing. High yield cartridges and tanks dry up just like regular inks if they aren’t used.

'Our expenses have decreased 20 per cent since we started refilling our own ink jet cartridges.'
‘Our expenses have decreased 20 per cent since we started refilling our own ink jet cartridges.’


PC Magazine Canon Pixma G4200 MegaTank Review

PC Magazine Epson Expression ET-2550 EcoTank AIO Printer

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